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Muslim Rishta
Welcome to has been created to provide a well-needed service for free to the Muslims specially to those living in the United States.

To get the best use out of this free site, we request that you first submit your info on our home page and provide all the information requested, once you have submitted the requested information, we will go through the profile and if there is any need, we will get in touch with you.  We will update you once we found any compatible profile based on the information you provided. Please note all submitted profiles are not available for viewing and some are partial.  You too can also request your profile to be public, partial public or confidential.

You can request additional information on a submitted profile, we will be able to complete your request only after getting approval from the respective profile owner. profile.


If you choose no public viewing of any information or image then this site does not allow that information or image to be viewed by any user by keeping that information confidential.  An administrator will match users and share information only after getting approval from the respective profile owners.

Please note that this website is designed for the purpose of fulfilling commandment of Allah S.W.T. and Sunnah of our beloved Prophet S.A.W.




Thank you for visiting our website. We are a Non Profit Organization, trying to serve the community.


Please Provide all the information requested in the form SUBMIT INFO in order to serve you better.


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